[UPDATE] Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams Capabilities Roadmap on 31/07/2018

At Inspire 2018, Microsoft announced that Microsoft Teams capabilities at parity with Skype for Business Online and subsequently revealed the updated roadmap slides as below;


  • Unified presence is only working between SFBO and Teams. SfB on-prem is still disconnected experience.
  •  Guest access for external users, now you can invite any person with an email address.


  • A Teams native Whiteboard is still missing, use 3rd party whiteboard apps for now.
  • VTC interop is still in 3rd party vendors’ space with some strict limitations.


  • Current certified SIP phones are now fully supported but if you are planning on new phones it is advisable to wait for native Teams phones to be announced next year.

Next update will be in Q4, stay tuned…