Microsoft Teams FAQ?

As per the recent Microsoft Inspire 2018 vision keynotes, it is no doubt that Teams is becoming “the” end product of the Intelligent Communications vision. I started taking calls and emails from customers with so many queries, concerns and ideas which lead me to research some resources from Microsoft. The downloadable FAQ document is a good source of information for anybody interested in Teams.

I would like to highlight below section as a quick starting point while downloading the full document;

Where can customers new to Teams learn about the product?
Explore the benefits of the hub for teamwork in Microsoft 365 at
In addition, the following resources are available:
Microsoft Teams Help
Microsoft Teams Developer Preview
Microsoft Teams Tech Community
Microsoft Teams Launch video
• YouTube video channel for How To Use product videos: Microsoft Teams

How can customers try Teams?
Download Teams today at

Microsoft has released an immense load of resources and information on Teams but I hope this post might help you to start the journey from context point of view.

Hope to write some Teams journey posts soon…stay tuned…

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