5 New Assignments and Grading features in Teams for Education…

Since I’m working with an early adopter customer of Microsoft Teams for education, this is a great news for the Teams education sector users targeting the class room efficiency in a different level.

I had a great opportunity this week to listen to the Teams adoption feedback from 100+ school IT leaders and have no doubts the new features are addressing few of the requests highlighted in the session. (there is quite a lot being requested though…)

Here is a summary of the announcement as a 2 minutes read;

New features

  1. Share assignments to individual students
  2. Schedule to post assignments
  3. Provide continuous and personalised feedback
  4. Rich text editing for assignment instructions
  5. Turn-in celebrations

Availability: Schedule to post and rich text editing will begin to roll out to Office 365 Education customers enrolled in our Teams for Education beta program today. These capabilities will move to worldwide availability in the coming weeks.

Check this great official announcement with graphical demonstrations.

Well done @MicrosoftEDU team, this will be well received…



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