5 New Assignments and Grading features in Teams for Education…

Since I’m working with an early adopter customer of Microsoft Teams for education, this is a great news for the Teams education sector users targeting the class room efficiency in a different level.

I had a great opportunity this week to listen to the Teams adoption feedback from 100+ school IT leaders and have no doubts the new features are addressing few of the requests highlighted in the session. (there is quite a lot being requested though…)

Here is a summary of the announcement as a 2 minutes read;

New features

  1. Share assignments to individual students
  2. Schedule to post assignments
  3. Provide continuous and personalised feedback
  4. Rich text editing for assignment instructions
  5. Turn-in celebrations

Availability: Schedule to post and rich text editing will begin to roll out to Office 365 Education customers enrolled in our Teams for Education beta program today. These capabilities will move to worldwide availability in the coming weeks.

Check this great official announcement with graphical demonstrations.

Well done @MicrosoftEDU team, this will be well received…



Microsoft Teams Roadmap – Feature Release Summary 01/05/2018

Along with the latest “Skype for Business capabilities to Microsoft Teams Roadmap” announcement on 30/04/2018, one of my customers requested a simple summary of the Microsoft Teams development to the date.

Hence, I extracted the full roadmap from the Office 365 Roadmap and filtered the list as below for easy reference.

Thought of sharing the same here in case someone else is looking for the same information.

Title Status
Microsoft Teams – Message Retention Policies Launched
Microsoft Teams – Skype for Business Interop with Persistent Chat Launched
Microsoft Teams – Import Contacts from Skype for Business Launched
Office 365 Groups: classification is available when creating or modifying a group across apps Launched
Microsoft Teams – Outlook scheduling add-in Launched
Microsoft Teams – Sharing chat history Launched
Microsoft Teams – T-Bot user guidance Launched
Assignments on mobile and tablet Launched
New ways how to interact with Launched
Planner: Access Microsoft Teams plans in Planner Hub Launched
Microsoft Teams – Hide/Share/Mute chat Launched
Microsoft Teams – Messaging Interop IT Policies Launched
Microsoft Teams – Lobby Support Launched
Microsoft Teams – Give and Take control in sharing Launched
Microsoft Teams – Safe Transfer Launched
Microsoft Teams – Share/Mute chat Launched
Microsoft Teams – Anonymous Join Launched
Microsoft Teams – Transfer to PSTN Call Launched
“My Tasks” App in Microsoft Teams. Launched
Microsoft Teams in India Datacenter Launched
Microsoft Teams – WhoBot Launched
Microsoft Teams – External access – guest in a team Launched
Microsoft Teams & Skype for Business Admin Center Rolling out
Microsoft Teams – Unified Presence Rolling out
Microsoft Teams – Messaging Policies Rolling out
Microsoft Teams – Contact Groups Rolling out
StaffHub: Communicate across platforms with Teams Interop Rolling out
SharePoint news – aggregation into Microsoft Teams chat In development
Microsoft Teams- eDiscovery Enhancements (calling) In development
Microsoft Teams – Enable Call Quality Analytics In development
SharePoint pages in Microsoft Teams In development
Microsoft Teams Availability for US Gov In development
Microsoft Teams: Team Templates In development
Microsoft Teams in Canada datacenter In development
Microsoft Teams in Australia datacenter In development
Microsoft Teams – Consultative Transfer In development
Microsoft Stream: Recorded Microsoft Teams meeting automatically uploaded to Stream In development
Microsoft Teams – eDiscovery Enhancements (Meetings) In development
Microsoft Teams in Japan Datacenter In development
Microsoft Teams – Support for existing certified SIP Phones In development
Microsoft Teams – 1:1 to group call escalation with Teams, Skype for Business and PSTN participants In development
Microsoft Teams – User-Level Meeting Policy In development
Microsoft Teams – Trio One-Touch Teams Meetings Join In development
Microsoft Teams – Enable VTC Interop Services In development
Microsoft Teams – Surface Hub Support for Teams Meetings In development
Microsoft Teams – Skype Room Systems Support for Teams Meetings In development
Microsoft Teams – Federated Meetings In development
Microsoft Teams – Outlook meeting schedule from other platforms (OWA, OLK mobile) In development
Microsoft Teams – Lobby for PSTN callers In development
Microsoft Teams – PSTN Fallback In development
Microsoft Teams – Large Meeting Support (~250) In development
Microsoft Teams – Cloud Recording In development
Microsoft Teams – Broadcast Meetings In development
Microsoft Teams – Escalate 1:1 Chat/Call to Multiparty (3 or more people) In development
Microsoft Teams – Hybrid Connection to Teams In development
Microsoft Teams – Support for features for USB Devices In development
Microsoft Teams – Calling Support between Teams and Skype Consumer In development
Microsoft Teams – Organizational Auto-Attendant In development
Microsoft Teams – Forward to Group In development
Microsoft Teams – Do not Disturb breakthrough In development
Microsoft Teams – Distinctive Ring In development
Microsoft Teams – Call Queues In development
Microsoft Teams – Boss and Delegate Support In development
Microsoft Teams – Out of Office Support In development
Microsoft Teams – Whiteboard and Meeting notes In development
Microsoft Teams – PowerPoint Load and Share In development
Microsoft Teams – Shared Line Appearance In development
Microsoft Teams – Location Based Routing In development
Microsoft Teams – Group Call Pickup In development
Office 365 Groups created from Microsoft Teams will be hidden from Outlook by default In development
StaffHub: IT Admin Portal Reporting and Capabilities In development
File viewers and Pickers in Teams In development
Microsoft Planner for GCC In development
Microsoft Teams – Federated Chat between Teams and Skype for Business In development
Microsoft Planner:  Guest User Access In development
Microsoft Teams – Mute Other Participants Previously released
Microsoft Teams – Audio Conferencing in over 90 countries Previously released
Microsoft Teams – Translate user input to standard format phone number Previously released
Microsoft Teams – Voicemail Previously released
Microsoft Teams – Suggested Contacts Previously released
Microsoft Teams – Speed dial Previously released
Microsoft Teams – Simultaneous Ringing Previously released
Microsoft Teams – Multi-call Handling Previously released
Microsoft Teams – Hold Previously released
Microsoft Teams – Extension Dialing Previously released
Microsoft Teams – e911 Support Previously released
Microsoft Teams – Caller ID masking Previously released
Microsoft Teams – Call Forwarding Previously released
Microsoft Teams – Call Blocking Previously released
Microsoft Teams – Blind Transfer Previously released
Microsoft Teams – Teams Interop Policies Previously released
Microsoft Teams – SfB-Teams Calling Previously released
Microsoft Teams – Client Support Previously released
Microsoft Teams – TTY Support Previously released
Microsoft Teams – Call Quality Diagnostic Portal Previously released
Microsoft Teams – Interactive Troubleshooting Previously released
Microsoft Teams – Enable Existing Calling Plan Support Previously released
Microsoft Teams- Application Sharing Previously released
Microsoft Teams – Edge, Chrome Browser Support for meetings Previously released
Microsoft Teams in Office 365 Education updates to Assignments experience Previously released
Microsoft Whiteboard Preview Previously released
ATP For SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and Teams Previously released
Microsoft Teams – Support for larger teams Previously released
Microsoft Teams – UK datacenter Previously released
Usage reports update: new report for Microsoft Teams Previously released
Audio Conferencing Preview in Microsoft Teams Previously released
Microsoft Teams improvements for Class and Staff Notebook Previously released
StaffHub: Benefit from Microsoft Flow Integration Previously released
Microsoft Teams on iOS: Meeting join capabilities Previously released
US Government: New capabilities in Firstline/Kiosk license Previously released
Microsoft Teams – PowerShell configuration Previously released

Note: This information is valid for the time of writing this post and may require further updates.