Microsoft Teams – Architecture Overview…


I told a customer “Microsoft Teams is NOT a Skype for Business replacement, the next version or upgraded skin for it” and he asked “Then what it is?”…my reply was “It is the next generation Intelligent Communications platform” and now I’m writing this blog based on that 🙂

This is such times I see customers increasingly overwhelmed and trying to digest the Microsoft Teams move given the Roadmap  is well published and transparent to all.

Specially, the current Skype for Business On-prem and Hybrid customers are struggling in “fit in” to the bandwagon since the perception of the “Cloud” has not been accepted as a matured service platform in some corners of the world.

The bottom line is that the technology has been advanced to an ultimate level we face “evolve or die” situation where Unified Communication has no exemption.

It is very important to be convinced that the Teams is not yet another product from Microsoft which we install and run on our computers and devices. It has been completely changing the way we communicate and will be the immediate future of a single pane of glass.

From the architecture point of view Microsoft Teams is a complete ground-up platform constructed based on cloud centric Microservices service model while Skype for Business was built on Monolithic model.

The best advantage I see in this new architecture is the intelligent Teams client which can operate on different platforms without signifying fundamental differences in each instance, which means Teams client can apply updates without platform boundaries.

The completeness of Teams is all about rich user experience of Azure AD, Office 365 Groups, SharePoint Online, OneNote, OneDrive, Exchange, PowerBI, Machine Learning and brand new Chat/Calling/meeting platform in one window.

So, I wouldn’t introduce Teams as a next SFBO, but the “next generation Intelligent Communications platform”…

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