OCS R2 Standard to Enterprise upgrade

If anyone suppose to upgrade an OCS R2 Standard server to OCS R2 Enterprise on Windows Server 2008 R2 platform using same hardware by following uninstall and reinstall option, these points might useful in before hand.

OCS R2 does not provide in place upgrade to Enterprise from Standard resulting some additional steps as below,

  1. Create new OCS R2 enterprise pool and add a new OCR R2 enterprise server to Pool (preferably in VM environment if additional physical server is not present)
  2. Move all SIP users accounts to new Enterprise Pool
  3. The new Enterprise server is used for uninterrupted services while the transition
  4. Uninstall OCS R2 standard server on physical server
  5. Install OCS R2 Ent on the same server so that we’ll get 2 enterprise servers running in same Pool
  6. Uninstall temp (VM) Enterprise server from the pool and the Swap operation is done.


  • If you try to install OCS R2 Enterprise on the same server which was prepared by decommissioning previous OCS R2 Standard server (unformatted), there will be an unexpected problem of starting up below 04 services in first place.


  • the reason behind that is these services are not getting removed by uninstallation operation.


  • These services must be wiped off from services by deleting the 04 registry values given below



  • Restart the server and install OCS R2 Enterprise would go as a charm…

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